Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural


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Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural

The original New Native® Baby Carrier in organic cotton

The New Native® Baby Carrier's sleek hassle-free design is free of buckles, straps, and rings. Our carrier provides ultimate comfort and ease of mobility for you and your baby.

· For babies 8-35lbs

· Machine washable

· Made in USA

· Dads love it too

· Fits in purse

· Multiple carrying positions

· Durable fabric & construction



Our carrier is nonadjustable and is sized to the wearer. Most parents need to be fitted for his/her own carrier. Carrier size generally corresponds to your pre-pregnancy fitted T-shirt size. Sizes up to 5XL by special order. More info on sizing here.

Sizes correspond to your fitted T-shirt size. Measure above bust around torso. 
New Native Baby Carrier Sizing Measure
Size Chest Weight
X-Small 25-29" 90lbs
Small 30-35" 91-125lbs
Medium 34-39" 111-170lbs
Large 38-42" 150-200lbs
X-Large 40-45" 180-222lbs
Carriers have a 2" difference in length between sizes. 


Shipping, Returns, & Exchanges
For US customers purchasing directly from us, we offer complementary standard shipping and a prepaid return/exchange shipping label upon request (free shipping both ways) for your convenience. Our liberal exchange policy was specifically designed to get you a correctly sized baby carrier. Read more on returns and exchanges here.

Instructions & Getting Started
Read all instructions and warnings before use. 

Click the chat with us icon on bottom right.

Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Natural
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Greensboro, NC

Very hip and trendy

I wanted to say how much I love this sling! Before I had my daughter, I was very interested in the concept of babywearing and using slings. However, I didn't really like the look of the ring-slings with long tails and bulky padding. The idea of wearing baby in a sling appealed to me, but honestly, I considered it a "hippie" thing to do. I was SO wrong! Though in the beginning I was a little hesitant to wear it out....because I rarely see people in my city with slings. I quickly began wearing it and 1---loved it SO much and 2----everyone would stop me and ask me where I got it. The design of the New Native is sheek and lightweight and I think looks very hip and trendy...not too earthy at all! I don't mean to put down earthy people at all...I just think that many people immediately reject the idea of slings because it seems too "hippie" or just for those who practice attachment parenting. I wanted to post this endorsement of the New Native for people like me, who may think that a sling is not for them. Give it a try...go up to people with the sling and ask to take a look (I even had a someone in a grocery store ask if I wanted to "try on" her baby!). My daughter (now 6 months) beams when I pull out the sling, and she is actively engaging and exploring the world around her. There are so many types of people with different parenting styles...and slings are for all of us! Thanks!


Freedom to do everything

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for this wonderful carrier! Our 6 month old Billy has been using his since he was only two weeks old! My first weeks post partum were very rough. I had a C-Section so could not lift that 'car-seat bucket carrier'. I felt tied to the house! Then I found your carrier and ordered it 'to try it out'. Ha! We cannot go anywhere without it! Our baby cries to get in it! People constantly comment on how "good" Little Billy is. I know the secret is that he spends hours in his New Native Baby Carrier! This carrier has given me freedom to do everything I want. We have gone to nice restaurants, attended parties, gone shopping, entertained, attended Mass, a funeral and trips to the grocery store have been an absolute breeze! Your carrier has been an absolute Godsend. I do not know how I would manage without it. NOTHING comes close to New Native! When we attend La Leche meetings, Leaders have asked me if he is nursing. They cannot tell! The ability to nurse discreetly is immeasurable. In addition, it keeps pesky strangers from trying to touch him or hold him constantly. In a day when people are so worried about kidnapping, I know Billy is safe and sound with me at all times. Thank you, thank you!


Hailey loves yours the best

I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for your wonderful product! Words are not enough to tell you how much my husband and I, and baby love this sling! We have 2 other slings- and only find that we use yours everyday. Our baby- Hailey loves yours the best. Whenever we take her out- we are able to do so without the use of the stroller- because the New Native Sling is so comfortable for both of us to wear. It is easy to clean, to take along because it is not at all bulky- and so easy to use. I have another wrap that I just am not comfortable with at all and I know how to use it! An added benefit: this sling is safe! She is snug in the New Native sling and is beyond content, no matter what I am doing or where we are. After trying a bunch of different slings...yours is the best. Everywhere we go, people stop to ask us where we got ours from...and I have given them your website address. I have been able to nurse in public- and so discreetly. I also have been able to take our dog for mile long walks each night- with baby comfy in her sling the whole way. At home, I am able to do housework, play with our son, you name it and she is content. We have been using this sling since she came home from the hospital and will continue to do so. Hailey is now 4 months old- and is able to be worn in the kangaroo carry now- and has so much fun looking around. I just can't say enough about your product and will happily send other customers your way! Thank you, Thank you, thank you for creating such a fantastic product! Take care of you!!!

Walnut Creek, California

No upper back to ache!

Thank you so very much for your terrific product! When I first purchased the New Native Baby Carrier, I needed something to carry my son that wouldn't cause my upper back to ache. Now seven months later, my son prefers the carrier over the stroller or backpack, so I always carry it with me wherever I go.


Third child, I'd try this sling

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate the New Native carrier! I've never been a sling fan- too awkward, bulky, too much material to mess with - but had seen pictures of your carrier in magazines and was always impressed with not only how comfy mom looked, but how happy the babies always looked too. So I decided that, with my third child, I'd try this sling. He loves it, I love it. I put him in there and it's clear that he's just happy as a clam, and I think he thinks he's back in the womb - he even 'purrs' when he's in there, after falling asleep immediately. I like that there's no clip, it's sleeker and more fitted, and I have a bad back too, and so far (baby only weighs about 9lbs at this point - he's two weeks old), no back strain!" P.S. Also, I ordered my sling through my local consignment store, and it was at the store the next day! Way to go!


My arms are not aching any more

I used the carriers yesterday at the Ped. Office and wore them both together, I LOVE IT!!! It actually is easier than wearing one, they balance each other out, and my arms are not aching any more. I was in the office for two hours and wore them most of the time (they are 20 lbs each). It is so nice to not have them wanting down (in the dirty germy office hahahaha) It was wonderful not to have to haul out the stroller that they would only be in for five minutes and then want out of. It really is hard to go out and get around with two non-walking babies, and this carrier has been such a blessing!! I have told all my twin mommy friends, since it is so hard to practice attachment parenting with two infants. Thanks again.

Jennifer J.

Love your product

I have a 3 month old and a 2 yr old. I used the New Native carrier with my 2 yr old (from about age 1 month - 20 months) and have now been using it w/ my 3 month old since birth. I thought I'd try it w/ my 2 yr old today, and guess what - she still fits- even in the cradle position (see photo). She weighs 30 lbs, so put this picture on your site if you can. Its great that she still fits and she loved looking at herself in the mirror in it!! Love your product, Jennifer Jones, mom to Holly 3 mos. and Summer age 2


I've used it with both of my children

I love my New Native! I've used it with both of my children and am still using it with my 7 month old. He and I both love it! He gets to be carried, and I have an extra hand for my 2 year old. Thanks!! Theresa


Helped me heal faster after c-section

I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely product. My fussy four month old has been living in my New Native since she was four days old. After having her via c-section, I really believe that wearing her helped me heal faster and create a stronger bond between the two of us. People love seeing her in it too! Everytime I wear it women stop me and comment on it. I can't tell you how many women have copied the number down from the tag on the carrier!!! Kaela (my four month old) loves being so close to mommy, and I dread the day she is too big for it!!! Thanks!!!